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Russian culture is so much more enjoyable when you known some Russian.


Learning Russian opens up countless opportunities for connection across the FSU.


Russian speakers are highly sought-after by private and public sector employers.


Russian is one of the most spoken languages in the world.


Many students learn Russian to communicate with their loved ones.


Learning Russian is incredibly fun - ask anyone who has ever studied it!

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Russian Enthusiast Testimonial - Oksana

Oksana O.

I recommend Russian Enthusiast to all my students. They especially appreciate being able to refer to the Russian grammar resources, no longer needing to use several bulky books. I've also noticed their vocab learning has improved since they've started going through Russian Enthusiast's many detailed vocab lists. They're super useful and a lot of fun!
Russian Enthusiast Testimonial - Henry

Henry S.

Great course! I'm in my fourth year of college Russian and refer to Russian Enthusiast all the time. The Russian grammar explanations are especially solid.
Russian Enthusiast Testimonial - Jason

Jason D.

I come to Russian Enthusiast every time I want to practice my Russian. I really enjoyed reading the dual-language short stories. And I also really like the Russian songs section.

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Our Russian Language Blog

How to say OR in Russian: difference between ИЛИ and ЛИБО

Both "или" and "либо" mean "or" in Russian (or when used in succesion, "either...or"). There is hardly any difference in meaning between the two words. That being said, there is a nuanced difference in their usage. "Или" vs. "либо" nuance "Или" is a complete equivalent of "or" in English and is extremely common. "Либо" is […]

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How to say HERE in Russian: difference between ЗДЕСЬ, ВОТ, and ТУТ

This article covers the different ways how to say “here” in Russian: "здесь" vs. "вот" vs. "тут." They all translate as "here" in English, but with nuances in their different meaning. Вот "Вот " means "here," as in when you’re pointing at something or pointing something out. It is commonly used to convey the meaning, […]

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How to say the date in Russian

This article will comprehensively review how to say the date in Russian. We’ll go over key date and calendar concepts, essential vocab, as well as some grammar you’ll need to understand. You might also find these pages helpful: Days and months: detailed vocab describing different parts of the year How to tell the time in […]

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How to tell the time in Russian

This article will comprehensively review how to tell the time in Russian. We’ll go over key time concepts, essential vocab, as well as some grammar you’ll need to understand. You might also find these pages helpful: Telling the time: detailed time vocab including prepositions denoting time reference How to tell the date in Russian: similar […]

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How to say WHY? in Russian: ПОЧЕМУ, ЗАЧЕМ, and ОТЧЕГО

There are three ways to say “why?” in Russian: почему, зачем, and отчего. Почему is the most common form, and зачем is often used as well. Отчего is a rarer form more often used in literature or formal speech. Although you can frequently use them interchangeably, you 100% should know the difference in meaning between […]

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How to say ALL in Russian: ВЕСЬ vs. ЦЕЛЫЙ

Весь and целый are two very similar Russian words that have slightly different meanings and uses. Generally, they mean “all,” “whole,” “entire,” “complete,” or “from the beginning to the end.” Целый focuses on and emphasizes the size of the task. When you use целый you’re communicating that it’s a big deal that the entirety of […]

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How to ask questions in Russian

Being able to ask and understand questions is key to mastering everyday communication in Russian. Common question words in Russian Here are the essential question words you should know in Russian. Please note, что, кто, какой, and чей all decline and must agree with the noun they relate to. The rest of the question words […]

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How to use the prepositions В and НА in Russian

The prepositions, “в” and “на,” are some of the most common and useful words in Russian. “В” and “на” are used to convey the meaning of location (with the prepositional case) and direction (with the accusative case. “В” and “на” have slightly different meanings, which we’ll discuss below. On top of that, there are many […]

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How to express emotions, desires, and needs in Russian

Some of the most common phrases you'll use and hear in Russian revolve around expressing emotions, desires, and needs. Some expressive words in Russian, like I love (я люблю) and I want (я хочу), function just like in English. However, others, such as I like (мне нравится) and I need (мне нужно), operate under impersonal […]

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