Russian slang and swearing

Here’s an extensive list of rude Russian slang and swearing. Please note, the Russian slang below is generally suitable for everyday informal use among friends. However, it is extremely important that you do not use these curse words (матерные слова) from the Russian swearing section below when you are in Russia, as some of them are illegal to use in public. Moreover, some of these obscenities are extremely offensive. They’re listed below for academic purposes and also to help you yourself avoid accidentally cursing.

Russian slang

  • чё = что = what
  • блин = darn (lit. pancake)
  • бухло = booze
  • бро = bro
  • это жиза = that’s life
  • лайк, лойс = like (on social media)
  • сорян = sorry
  • шмот = fashionable clothes
  • чилить = to chill
  • юзать = to try out
  • хрен знает? = who knows? (lit. horseradish knows)
  • бабки = money
  • тусить = to hang out, party
  • бомба = the bomb, amazing
  • хавать = to eat
  • всё ништяк = it’s all good
  • офигеть! = wow! can’t believe it!
  • фига с маком = nothing (lit. fig with poppies)
  • фиг с ним/с ней = forget him / her (lit. fig with him/with her)
  • чёрт = damn (lit. devil)
  • чувак / чувиха = dude / chick
  • Америкос = American
  • бухой = drunk
  • грузить = to bore someone (lit. to load)
  • дешёвка = something cheap, a steal
  • достал(а) = annoyed (lit. reached over and got)
  • мне до лампочки = i don’t care (lit. to me until a lightbulb)
  • надо отлить = i need to use the bathroom (lit. i need to pour out)
  • козёл = goat (insult)
  • сволочь = scum, jerk
  • я бы вас послал, да вижу вы оттуда! = i would send you there, but i see you came from there already!
  • жопа = arse
  • пошлая свеня = chauvinistic pig
  • пошыел к чыерту = go to hell
  • ти дегхенераат = you’re a degenerate

Swearing in Russian

Russian curse words you should not use

  • пиздец = damn it
  • хуй = d*ck
  • мудак = sh*thead, *sshole
  • гандон = condom (insult – someone who is annoying or weak)
  • лох = stupid (insult)
  • ублюдок = bastard
  • ебать = f*ck (verb)
  • сука = b*tch
  • гавно = sh*t
  • блять = wh*re
  • чушь собачья = bullsh*itter, con artist
  • отвали = get out, f*ck off
  • заткнись = shut up
  • блядь = f*ck!
  • пизда (малосольная) = (a salty) c*nt
  • охуел? = f*cking crazy?
  • срать = to sh*t
  • насрать = to not care for, give a sh*t
  • обосраться = to sh*t oneself
  • мочи перхоти = urethra dandruff
  • лошадь мочи = horse urethra
  • жопа = *ss

Rude Russian phrases you absolutely should not use

  • трахни тебя = f*ck you
  • иди на хуй! / пошёл на хуй! = go f*ck yourself
  • хуй знает = who the f*ck knows?
  • хуй моржовый = a clumsy person (lit. walrus d*ck)
  • мне похую! = i don’t give a f*ck!
  • жизнь ебет меня = life is f*cking me
  • подвинь жопу! = move your *ss!
  • поцелуй мою жопу! = kiss my *ss!
  • не будь жопой! = don’t be an *sshole!
  • отвали, мудак, бля! = f*ck off, you sh*thead, f*ck!
  • пииииииздец, бляяяя… = it’s f*cked up!
  • ты чё, сука, охуел, бля? = are you f*cking crazy, you *sshole?
  • ебать его конем! = damn! (lit. let the horse f*ck it!)
  • ебать меня в рот! = believe me! / i’m telling the truth (lit. f*ck me in the mouth)
  • самого хоть в жопу = i’m exhausted (lit. you can even b*ng me in the arse)
  • уебался вусмерть = i’m exhausted (lit. i’ve f*cked myself to death)
  • хуем груши околачивать = to lounge about (lit. to shake a pear tree with your d*ck)
  • чтоб тебе дети в суп срали = may your children sh*t in your soup
  • чтоб у тебя хуй во лбу вырос = may a d*ck grow on your forehead
  • мне насрать на твоё мнение = i don’t give a sh*t about your opinion
  • я ненавижу свою сраную работу = i hate my sh*tty job
  • мне до пизды твои проблемы = i don’t give a f*ck about your problems
  • передай, ёб твою мать, водку! = pass the m*ther*cking vodka!
  • в этом платье она выглядела заебись! = she looked f*cking great in that dress!
  • я раньше думал только о ебле и никогда о любви = i used to only think about fucking and never about love

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