Russian course

We provide a completely free, all online Russian course that lets you go from scratch all the way to a solid intermediate Russian language level.

There are many different ways to learn Russian. Our approach focuses on introducing you to all the core Russian grammar concepts, enriching your vocabulary along the way.

Don't worry about memorizing everything if you're a beginner. Just make sure you're keeping up with the concepts and can recognize different grammar forms.

Once you're more settled into Russian grammar, we move on to more real world application of Russian. That means reading Russian literature, the news, and navigating the Russian internet. It will also involve enjoying Russian music and film with a focus on vocabulary accumulation.

By the end of this course you should be a solid intermediate (B1) Russian speaker. As such, you'll be capable of independent study, working through the site and other resources on your own, to further develop your Russian.

Unit 1

Lesson 1: Russian alphabet

Lesson 2: Basic phrases and pronunciation

Lesson 3: The gender and number of Russian nouns

Lesson 4: Introduction to personal and possessive pronouns

Lesson 5: Introduction to Russian verbs in the present tense

Unit 2

Lesson 6: Introduction to the Russian case system

Lesson 7: Introduction to Russian adjectives

Lesson 8: Comparatives and superlatives

Lesson 9: Adverbs

Lesson 10: Modal verbs and expressions

Unit 3

Lesson 11: Introduction to verb aspect

Lesson 12: Introduction to the past tense

Lesson 13: Introduction to the future tense

Lesson 14: Introduction to the subjunctive mood

Lesson 15: Introduction to the imperative mood

Unit 4

Lesson 16: Introduction to the verbs of motion

Lesson 17: Introduction to reflexive verbs

Lesson 18: Introduction to participles

Lesson 19: Introduction to the passive voice

Lesson 20: Introduction to gerunds

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