Russian grammar

We provide comprehensive Russian grammar resources grouped by parts of speech.

Russian cases

Russian nouns

Russian adjectives

Russian pronouns

  • Russian pronouns
    • Personal pronouns
    • Possessive pronouns
    • Demonstrative pronouns
    • Determinative pronouns
    • Interrogative words and relative pronouns
    • Indefinite pronouns
    • Negative pronouns
    • Reflexive pronouns

Russian adverbs

  • Russian adverbs
    • Use of Russian adverbs
    • Forming Russian adverbs
    • Adverbs of place
    • Adverbs of time

Russian prepositions

Declensions of numbers in Russian

Russian verbs


  • Infinitives
    • Different forms of the infinitive
    • Uses of the infinitive

The two conjugations of Russian verbs

Verb aspect in Russian

  • Verb aspect in Russian
    • Introduction to verb aspect in Russian
    • The meaning of the imperfective aspect with examples
    • The meaning of the perfective aspect with examples
    • Aspect and tense (table)
    • Formation of aspectual pairs

Present tense

  • Present tense
    • When to use the present tense
    • Verb conjugation
      • 1st conjugation
      • 2nd conjugation
      • Irregular verbs

Past tense

  • Past tense
    • How to form the past tense
    • What aspect to use in the past tense
    • Irregular past tense verb formation

Future tense

Subjunctive or conditional mood

Imperative mood

  • Imperative mood
    • What is the imperative mood in Russian
    • How to form the imperative
    • Common imperative verb examples
    • Other forms of the imperative: пусть, пускай, да, давай

Passive voice

  • Passive voice
    • Imperfective reflexive verbs with passive meaning
    • Present passive participles
    • Past passive participles


  • Participles
    • Present active participles
    • Past active participles
    • Present passive participles
    • Past passive participles


  • Gerunds
    • Imperfective gerunds
    • Perfective gerunds
    • Common gerunds in Russian

Reflexive verbs

Verbs of motion

  • Verbs of motion
    • Unidirectional and multidirectional forms
    • Basic verbs of motion – “to go”
    • The core verbs of motion
    • Prefixed Verbs of Motion
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