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Welcome, Russian enthusiast! You’ve come to the right place for all your Russian language learning needs.

We offer four primary tools to help you learn Russian:

Beginner’s Russian course

Our rigorous, yet approachable beginner’s Russian course takes you through all the material that you’d find in a four-semester / two-year Russian course. By the end of the course materials, you should be at an intermediate (B1) Russian language level, capable of further independent study.

Russian vocabulary topics and lists

We provide extensive Russian vocabularly resources across multiple topic areas and word lists. This vocab section should be helpful for any Russian learner – whether or not you’re taking our course.

Comprehensive Russian grammar resources

Our comprehensive Russian gramar resources have everything you need to be able to speak and understand Russian at an advanced level. Our grammar section is a useful reference tool for any Russian learner, from beginner to advanced.

Russian culture in action

For so many of us, a huge draw for studying the Russian language is to be able to better appreciate the rich world of Russian culture. In this Russian culture section we guide you through some of the more accessible and enjoyable Russian film, literature, and music there is for Russian language learners.

About Russian Enthusiast

Russian Enthusiast is an educational website designed to make learning the Russian language as accessible and efficient as possible.

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About Russian Enthusiast

Russian Enthusiast is created and managed by Richard Wess.

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